Our Specialty REI Leads list takes all the pressure off of you to figure out "What type of leads should I pull?"  We've got this for you!  We use all the data we collect to see what is working best and pull a blended list of the various types of leads we offer based on your budget and what is working best.

Types of Leads Included in the Specialty Leads List:

  • Targeted Absentee
  • Targeted Stressed
  • Targeted Senior
  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorced
  • Tax Liens
  • Mortgage Delinquency

*Minimum order of 250 leads required

Pro Tip:

Mail these leads at least 3 times.  We recommend mailing 6-7 times, but use 3 touches as a minimum.

Specialty REI Leads

  • Sale
  • Regular price